I-Report: Concert

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

The Metro in downtown Chicago

For my I-Report project I went to a “screamo” concert in chicago. I went and watched; Of Machines, Of Mice and Men, Emarosa, and Dance Gavin Dance. Basically screamo is a weird style of singer that involves sounds like the singer is literally screaming into the microphone. I chose this event because if any outsider went to this having no idea what it was, they would be in for a big surprise. First off the outfits that people wear to these concerts are ridiculous. Neon colored pants that you probably couldn’t even tug on because they are so tight around the legs. Tight shirts that look like they would rip off any scrawny little kid. It’s just a place where people don’t care what they look like. Also the ways that people have their hair are crazy. Their hair is dyed different colors and in various lengths, its also cut in weird styles.


The bands that played at the concert all looked like normal people, but when they sing an outsider would think a demon is coming out of their bodies. They tell the big crowd to fight to the front row of the stage and it’s a cray thing to experience. Moshing which is basically beating everyone up in the middle of the crowd is a big thing at these concerts and that’s why most people attend. I have been to many concerts like this so I know how they usually go, but my first time I didn’t understand why people would do these things just because there are people playing random songs you can’t understand. It’s a crazy concept to handle but its fun to attend these events.

Being an outsider I would first notice all the people and their different styles. Then I would notice the songs that were playing and wonder why people are actually listening to this. Then I would wonder why people are abusing other because of the band that is playing. It’s really weird to go to these concerts then look in as an outsider. I can actually not tell you why these things happen, but they most certainly do.




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